Image color restriction

Applying color restriction to an image using the Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm.

Monty Hall problem

Simulation of the Monty Hall problem using Python.

Simulating Euler's number

Simulating Euler's number in Python using a simple experiment.

Differential Equations in Python. Part 1: Initial Value Problems

Solving Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) in Python. In this article we cover how to solve Initial Value Problems (IVP).

Coding Conway's Game of Life in Python

A Python implementation of Game of Life, a biology mimicking zero player game created by mathematician John Conway.

Performing an optimization in Python

Performing an optimization in Python to fit the Antoine constants to experimental data.

Green house gas emissions in Portugal

An overview of the green house gas emissions in Portugal as of 2018.

Integration using the Monte Carlo method

Here we use the Monte Carlo technique to estimate the value of a definite integral.

Estimating π using Monte Carlo simulations

In this article we will use the Monte Carlo method to estimate the value of \(\pi\).

How to win at Monopoly

Want to increase your chances to win at Monopoly? Here is an analysis of the probabilities of falling in each space of the Monopoly board game.

COVID-19 progression in Portugal

Simple analysis of COVID-19 evolution in Portugal.

Europe fuel prices

A comparison of fuel prices across europe.

World Nuclear Power

Visualizations of nuclear energy around the world.